Home Helpers NYC administers all the billing, payroll, employee / employer taxes, workers' compensation,
disability insurance, liability insurance, bonding and administrative / scheduling responsibilities.  Clients do not
have to worry about paying extra taxes, reporting employment information to local, state and federal agencies or
even immigration issues.  We take care of all of this for you as every caregiver put on assignment by Home
Helpers NYC is required to be an employee of our office and not a subcontractor or independent operator.  We
minimize your personal risks.
At Home Helpers NYC, we truly believe in treating every client as a member of our family.  As a small business,
we take extra care to ensure that our clients are happy with the care they receive.  We go the extra mile by
regularly visiting with clients and their families and making ourselves available during nights/weekends/holidays
– whenever you need us.  
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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, we frequently are engaged by out-of-town relatives or close friends to care for an elderly relative or friend
who does not live in the same city. We follow the same process for reviewing care needs and developing a
tailored care plan which, in this type of circumstance, would include the best method of communicating with
out-of-town parties.
Yes, our caregivers care for the elderly anywhere…in the client's home, in the hospital, rehabilitation center,
nursing home, retirement community, etc.
The process for setting up services is  a simple one.  During our initial conversation, we will discuss your needs
and the needs of your loved one.   During this time, we will
set up a free in home consultation with you and the
person receiving care.  This important step allows us to assess the situation/environment and further understand
the needs of your loved ones.  After the consultation, we will search our pool of caregivers for the best possible
matches.  We will then set up another meeting to conduct a “chemistry check” with you, the care receiver(s), and
two to three caregivers. During this meeting, you will get to know each other a bit and  decide with whom you
would like to work with.  After this chemistry check, Mordo will contact you to  set up a schedule with your
preferred caregiver.
Yes.  Our case manager regularly stops in during the caregivers’ shifts to check in and ensure that things are
going well.  Each caregiver is in constant contact with our office to provide updates on clients and their needs.  
Mordo personally visits each client regularly to ensure that they are happy with the care they are receiving.
Generally, our clients get along with their caregivers because we carefully match caregivers and clients based
on the client’s needs and preferences.  Also, during the matching process, we usually introduce a client to at
least two caregivers so that they can choose who they would like to work with.
Each caregiver is thoroughly screened, trained, insured and bonded.  Home Helpers NYC clients take comfort
in knowing that their loved one's care is being provided by our trustworthy caregivers.
We are a private pay home care agency, meaning that clients pay for the services themselves. Invoices can be
specifically set up to meet your needs. You can pay via check or credit card.

Our services are non-medical and therefore, do not generally qualify for payment through medicare/medicaid or
other types of medical insurance.

If your loved ones have long term care insurance, depending on the type of plan, our services may be covered.
Please call us at (718) 261-0158 with questions you may have about long term care insurance.
Yes.  We have liability insurance which covers issues such as damage to your property or other instances.  We
also have Workers' Compensation and Disability Insurance through NYS to cover any accidents that may occur
to caregivers on the job.  This helps to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected in the rare instance of
any issues that may arise while care is being provided.  
Using Home Helpers NYC for home care services allows you to shift the responsibility of caregiver selection,
training and management to us.  You will not need to worry about what to do if the caregiver is sick or on
vacation.  We oversee, monitor and coach caregivers to ensure the best possible home care experience and
provide ongoing professional development. We handle all the employment issues such as filing with the State
Bureau of Employment Services, Workers' Compensation, benefits and taxes.  Working with Home Helpers
NYC also minimizes potential liability exposure to you and your family.

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